Work at Camp!


For Summer Camp Workers

1) Must be at least 17 years of age and have completed the 11th grade for MIX and a minimum of 18 years of age for ReMix. Maximum ages are determined on a case by case basis.
2) Your conversion experience and growing testimony (what God is doing in your life now) will play an important role in the selection process of this year’s applicants.
3) Good references
4) Consistent current involvement in a local church
5) Worship Arts ability and aptitude necessary for re(MIX) but not a necessity for MIX and MIX6.
6) Previous experience in working with children and/or youth is a plus
7) Previous experience as a camper and/or camp worker is a plus

8) Applicants preparing for vocational ministry will be strongly considered
9) Evaluations from the camp director, classroom coordinator, and head counselor concerning the previous year’s performance will influence the selection.
10) You’ll be required to fill out a short questionnaire.

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